Wednesday, December 30, 2015

AYITLOAutism just wants us to know: they're autistic.

TW: hate speech, hurtful words, AYITLOAutism references.

I happened across this "A Year in the Life of Autism" page on twitter when they were pimping it out and asking for more likes to break the 10K mark before New Year's Eve. I did not reply to them or DM them. I simply retweeted their post and asked my #ActuallyAutistic friends whether this was or wasn't the same people who the community got so upset about due to their #silentselfie campaign a few months ago. Amy/Dean/their page representative got a hold of me there to respond to my query (even though I wasn't asking them). Their response was "erm, I'm autistic."

Okay either you're diagnosed recently, or have always been diagnosed, or you're lying to shut me up. I don't care any way about it because the bottom line is, being autistic isn't your "get out of jail free card" and doesn't mean you can say or do whatever you want without repercussions. I won't even touch on that whole situation. But why are you still defending all the past harm you've done and pretending that it's okay by saying "I'm autistic"?(Not to mention you could've ignored my tweet, or replied with an actual answer to the question contained within it, instead of just attempting to put up the "I'm autistic" force field.)

[image description: screenshot of twitter where I asked, "wait aren't these the people who every person on the internet despise & wrote hate pieces about?" and they replied, "erm I'm autistic myself?".]
I asked a simple question - "is this the same page that all of my autistic friends were so upset about a few months ago" - yes or no? They provided a simple, yet bullshit and useless, answer: "erm I'm autistic myself?".

If someone spews anti gay hate speech and then says "hey I can say this because I'm gay", is that okay? If someone stands around hollering "n***er" this and "n***er" that and you call them on it and they say "my grandmother was African American" does that make it okay? If a person is arrested for child abuse and defends themselves by saying "BUT I WAS ABUSED MYSELF" does that make it okay?

So you're autistic. That doesn't give you the right to be a complete tool. When someone goes through the effort to teach you, you should realize that now that you know better YOU HAVE TO DO BETTER. Don't sit back and delete all of the actually autistic people's comments and then post / let your followers post that the retards forgot their meds today. (or whatever it was that people were saying back then - here's a page that contains a small sampling of what went down a few months ago - not my page, don't know the person, just trying to give some context )

and here is a far better one that gives way more details:

Here's another, more well thought out and written piece than I can muster up at this point about why their page is, or was, utter garbage. I don't know the state of it now because I do not care enough to look. I wasn't intending to give them this much time and energy in the first place, I just wanted to ask my friends a question, but if they're going to go out of their way to track me down on twitter and imply that they're untouchable because they paid to get their own diagnosis that matches their child's so can now say whatever the heck they want, then I just can't sit back and ignore that. Being autistic is not something you use as an excuse to get out of being held responsible for your own words and actions.

Look, if you don't like autistic people then you don't like yourself or your kid. If you do like us, treat us with some respect would you? And for heaven's sake do not respond to people who criticize you with "erm, I'm autistic". You're also a man/woman/white/black/gay/straight/whatever religion - those things didn't make you a tool and neither did your autism so keep them all out of this and stop trying to blame your shitty choices on your neurology.

Choose to do better, or choose to deflect and make excuses, it's nothing to me. But don't come whining to me with your "erm I'm autistic" when I ask my followers if this is or isn't the same page so many people go so upset about. A "yes" or "no" is how to answer that, not an excuse. Especially not one that seeks to say that you can say whatever you want because you're autistic too. No, you can't. Neither can I. I mean you CAN but then people are going to keep talking about how much they hate you and how much of a tool you are. Your choice. I didn't reach out to you. I asked a question about you that you butted into with your stupid excuse and actually caused me to apologize to you for mistaking you for the other, bad page - you failed to point back out to me that you ARE THAT OTHER BAD PAGE - you just told me you were autistic and then left it at that. That's cool. And I'm just telling everyone about the tool that tweeted me earlier.


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(Reading back over this post now many weeks later I see shadows of the way that Neurodivergent K writes - I am not a copycat, I'm simply absorbent. I'm like a musician whose albums sound like their recent influences - please don't take this as intentional modeling or copying or whatever. It's not. I just think that sometimes saying what one means directly is important and she definitely has that part down to a science and I love that about her writing.)

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